Hi, I am Bobbi-Rose and I would like to tell you a little about myself and my passion. I like to think of myself as a guide. This is because I see having an enhancement through micropigmentation as a joint effort. The client explains what they would like to accomplish and we discuss how to get there and then I go to work. This work is both artistry and precision.

Subtle changes in our appearance can really have a positive affect on our self esteem. Taking the first steps in bringing about these changes and finding the right professional can be a journey. These small enhancements can be transformational for the client. I find watching these slight enhancements affect my clients in such a positive way is truly satisfying for me and is the very best part of my job.

Our eyebrows frame our face and communicate without language how we feel. If we are lucky enough our eyebrows are full and lush and they communicate clearly. Sadly for many us this is not the case and just a little help can enhance our natural beauty, micropigmentation is a perfect fit for this and many other simply cosmetic enhancements.

My most important work occurred when a client came to me because she had scarring in her hairline. The area was approximately 3 inches long at a width of a quarter inch. No hair was able to grow in this area. I was able to tap in individual hair strokes which camouflaged the area. This allowed her to style her hair in a way that was natural and complementary to her face and natural beauty. She was thrilled to no longer be tired to wigs or hats to hide her condition. I have never been so excited and proud of what we accomplished together.

The technique I most often use is hand method which is quite, safe and gentle. It is less invasive than previous procedures used for permanent makeup.
With this procedure I use fresh pigment made of hypoallergenic ingredients. 100% disposable needles come with a tracking code to ensure the Certified Specialist is using only an unopened supply. When using the hand method the skin is gently lifted so that the pigment can be deposited appropriately.

Hand method allows the professional to have the utmost control at all times of the pigment. This allows the artist to create the most natural looking permanent makeup available.